Goals for 2015: The Farmer’s Wife Version

I know everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but I also know hardly anyone keeps them past January.  So instead I am going to make “goals” for 2015.  Basically these are things I said I was going to do last year, and never got to.  Hmm…this is starting to sound familiar…New Year’s resolutions anyone?  Either way, 2015 is THE year.  It is the year where Things. Will. Get. Done.  In no particular order:

The beautiful gray and teal office that I have been envisioning.  (This is currently in process.  And I will be posting pictures).

More DIY projects.  As many as I can possibly handle.

An array of homemade, all natural cleaning products and beauty products.

Learning to cook with more fresh and healthy foods.  We have really done a pretty good job of this, but I know there is SO much more out there we have yet to try.

Along with the food category, meal-prepping and freezing more whole meals so dinner is maybe easy for once.  Or at least easier.

Cleaning the house more often.  I never dust.  I am not ashamed.

On more of the farm side, learning how to run more equipment.

Organizing farm receipts, invoices, and whatever other kind of paperwork is floating around.

Keep track of the farm LLC meeting minutes and official business.

Shifting away from the farm, and more towards the “Horses” part of this blog’s title, commit more hours to my horses.  It’s time to enter the arena again and actually be a competitor.

And last but definitely not least, commit more hours to this blog!  Writing is my passion and I know there is so much power in blogging.


A Place to Hang the Towel

Our upstairs bathroom was pretty much perfect when we bought our house; it’s as if I designed it myself.  It’s painted a soft green with white trim, has hammered hardware on the vanity, and a tall closet.  The only thing it was missing was a place to hang the hand towel!  If you ask my husband he will pretty much confirm I have an obsession with towels and their specific places in the bathroom, kitchen, etc….but I think it is completely normal. To not have a place to hang the hand towel, and to have to set it on the vanity top, started to drive me crazy.  So I got on Pinterest and got some ideas.  With the help of my husband, we made ourselves a hand towel holder.


Here’s what we used:

Scrap wood, cut into two different sizes


Clear polyurethane

Hammer (for distressing the wood)


Coat hook


Black hammered texture spray paint

And this is what we came up with:

A place to hang the hand towel!

A place to hang the hand towel!







The Beginning

So in order to start from the beginning I have to back up a few months…to June 11–the day we closed on my dream house.  An old, brick farmhouse complete with a big red bank barn.    While my husband’s idea of a dream house is 100 acres of farm ground (who needs a house–worry about that later!), we both knew this was the place for us.  Close to the family farm, it is the ideal place for us.  One thing I learned pretty quickly is that horses are a bit easier to pick up and move than all of the things that make up a farming operation.  With our new home being over an hour away from my hometown and job, we decided to go all traditional and wait until after marriage to officially move in.  That was hard–working all week without seeing each other and spending the weekend at the house planning, painting, and just enjoying it.  But I have to say, now that we are all moved in and settled, it was worth it.