The Beginning

So in order to start from the beginning I have to back up a few months…to June 11–the day we closed on my dream house.  An old, brick farmhouse complete with a big red bank barn.    While my husband’s idea of a dream house is 100 acres of farm ground (who needs a house–worry about that later!), we both knew this was the place for us.  Close to the family farm, it is the ideal place for us.  One thing I learned pretty quickly is that horses are a bit easier to pick up and move than all of the things that make up a farming operation.  With our new home being over an hour away from my hometown and job, we decided to go all traditional and wait until after marriage to officially move in.  That was hard–working all week without seeing each other and spending the weekend at the house planning, painting, and just enjoying it.  But I have to say, now that we are all moved in and settled, it was worth it.


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